One day while sitting in a coffee shop, we decided we wanted to get out and see the world. We didn't care too much about how crazy it may sound that two 31 year-olds wanted to drop everything and hit the road, all we wanted was to take a chance on doing what we love: traveling. So we started saving every day, sacrificing any extra luxuries (bye gourmet cheese!), and annoying our friends by going to the same cheap bars, in order for us to both quit our day jobs, sell ALL of our things, and get out to explore what we can of the world with enough money to last us for one year. On March 16, 2016 we stuffed what little was left of our lives into two 44L backpacks, handed over our apartment keys, and waved goodbye. After 13 months we found our way back to the U.S -for now. Although, we might currently be without a home and with only 15 boxes of our possessions (mostly containing books and personal knick knacks), we are filled with some of the most rewarding and exciting experiences from our 'mass journey'. Our great adventure might be over, but it sure has inspired us to continue traveling, sharing our passion for photography and keeping a travel diary with stories that capture bits and pieces of our world, just for you! We hope that our silly story inspires you to discover, explore, and start your own journey- wherever that may take you. 


Marco Argüello

The 'MA' in MASS JOURNEY. Marco was born and raised in McAllen, TX to Paraguayan parents. Before MASS JOURNEY, he was a broadcast producer in the advertising world and is now pursuing his true passion; freelance photography. List of past photography clients include Art Basel, United Airlines, Lexus International, WSJ Magazine, and EDITION Hotels. His favorite food is pizza, he has an irrational fear of snakes, and can recite almost every line from Coming to America.

Stefani Stoyanof-Argüello

The 'SS' in MASS JOURNEY. Stefani, was born and raised in Athens, Greece where at the age of 11 she moved to the U.S.A, and hasn't stopped moving around since then. She's a self-taught metalsmith/jewelry designer and founded her own company Swim to the Moon Jewelry in 2013, after bravely choosing to leave her Ph.D. studies behind. She can easily and very happily finish an entire bottle of Nutella, and passionately loves anything and everything that has to do with the sea.