After our time in Utah was over, we knew one of the hardest parts of the trip had finally arrived. We had two days to drive through the states of Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and finally making our way to Tennessee. We had prepared for this moment; with lots of hours already under our belt, great tunes, snacks, and switching off regularly between driving so that we can manage more drive time in one day. What we had not prepared for was the weather. 

We spent the entire day driving through Colorado in a blizzard, with snow piled up against the side of the roads, traffic backed up due to ice on the highway, and everyone, including us, driving with speeds of 30mph (48km) or less. It was terrifying and not to mention very tiring. As we left Colorado behind we were excited to leave all the snow behind us. Little did we know that there was a huge thunderstorm making its way through the plains. 

We spent the next day driving through Kansas and Oklahoma, in a torrential down pour that lasted more than 24hrs and flooded the roads, including some highways. Again, we were driving with speeds of 30mph or less, trying to avoid flooded areas, and gripping the wheel so tight, as to not slide off the road. By the time we reached Oklahoma and the rain finally stopped we where exhausted. With several coffee breaks and we made it to Tennessee.