After a two week beating at surf camp, it was time to rest our bodies (and by rest, we mean basking under the sun like seals stretched out motionless on the beach). So we hopped on a small public boat which took us from the island of Lombok across to the tiny yet infamous Gili Islands. The Gili's are comprised of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. In order to reach full beach bum status, we chose the latter. 

Being the smallest of the three, Gili M. is the perfect location for full relaxation. Although similar crystal turquoise waters surround all the islands, Meno makes it easy for you to find that secluded spot on the beach far away from any tourist in sight (ok so not exactly completely tourist free, but you definitely won't be lying on the beach while having a group of 22-year olds chugging beers and hula-hooping right next to you). Obviously the lax vibe and semi-remoteness rates it high up on the list for honeymooners, and although there definitely IS lots of love floating in the air, it truly is a magical place worth visiting even if you aren't traveling with your partner. 

Let's see. . . all our days were spent riding around on our bicycles trying to find the best spot under the pines to lay down our towels, snorkeling around following brightly colored fishes, deciding what to eat, and watching the sun setting while sipping on BinTang's. It was a very difficult four days. 



- Stay on a beach bungalow

- Ride your bicycle around the entire island. Don't worry its very small, perfect for an afternoon spent cruising!

- Swim and snorkel! Rent some snorkel gear from your homestay/hotel or from a small shop off the beach.

- Buy fresh fruit from the ladies walking around on the beach.

- Watch the sunset at Diana Cafe.

- Buy fresh coconut oil from a little shack off the main island road, directly opposite the mosque.

- Eat at Ya Ya Warung

- Walk along the beaches as far as you can to watch a little bit of the local life.